Hi!! Call me any form of Prisms or Galaxy,, She/Her please!! I like drawing, making ocs and stories! You can find more about me in the interests section!

Most of the stuff im In:

Kingdom heartsTLOZ seriessplatoonanimal crossingThe Owl HouseSpiritfarerHTTYDThe dragon PrinceObject shows (ii, bfb, oso,, moss)TwewyPJO/HOO/TOAMagnus ChaseThe Kane ChroniclesPokemonHis dark materialsEpithet ErasedWings of FireSky: COTLJourneyOneShot uhh theres probably more which I will add later

Music bands/artist Im into,,

Porter RobinsonMadeonThe Oh HellosFar CapsianMother MotherThe Scary Jokeslouie zongcavetownAmaranteAlicksGlass AnimalsAnamanaguchiLo-Fiand various video game ostsand those random songs I find in my reccomendeduh more later

All the images used here are from unsplash or pexels! You can also find me here:

chickensmoothie: Prisms.Art blog tumblr: galaxyprismstoyhouse: galaxyprismslistography (Wip,, not here yet)